Ohio and Erie Canal Information

Many teachers and students come to the library looking for information on Ohio history, including the Ohio & Erie Canal.  This should not be confused with the Erie Canal in New York.  There are no books written for children on the Ohio & Erie Canal to our knowledge, but there are some good websites that include enough information for a school report or to give a starting place for your own exploration. 

Check out the National Park Service website. There is an entire curriculum unit, titled “The Ohio & Erie Canal: Catalyst of Economic Development for Ohio” for children.    It has photos, maps, inquiry questions and historical context.  We also have a print copy of this with the children’s desk reference books here in the Children’s Library at Main.

The Ohio State Parks website also has information on canals on their  Canal Lands pages.

Did you know there is a Canal Society of Ohio?  On their website, they list numerous canal sites that can be visited  throughout the state of Ohio and have maps. 

The Ohio & Erie Canalway website  has current photos and events plus history of the canal.

Enjoy your exploration of our wonderful and unique Ohio & Erie Canal!