More Summer Reading to Keep You Cool!

Hello, Fish!  by Sylvia Earle

Renowned underwater explorer, Sylvia Earle, takes you on a tour of the ocean using brief text and vivid oversize pictures to introduce such fish as the damselfish, red lipped batfish, and brown goby.

Incredible Ocean! : Eye-Opening Photos Of Life Underwater

 A picture is worth a thousand words and this photographic undersea journey featuring oversize pictures of unique creatures that live in the world’s oceans, including sharks, whales, seahorses, crabs, eels, and others is sure to please.

Ocean Magic  by Michael O’Neill

Award-winning photographer Michael Patrick O’Neill introduces readers to coral reefs, kelp forests, and the ocean bottom with spectacular full-color images.

Sharks and Other Creatures of the Deep

Brief text and large interactive pictures introduce the characteristics of unusual, and often predatory, fish, mammals, and other creatures that live in or near the ocean.


Books for Boys

Are you looking for books that appeal to boys?  We have several lists of fiction for boys under our Books tab at the top of the page.  There are a lot of booklists under that tab, but click on the second heading, “Books for Boys”, and it will take you to printable lists including Fantasy and Science Fiction Books for Boys, African-American Fiction for Boys, Historical Fiction for Boys, and more.

If that isn’t enough, check out the website hosted by author Jon Scieszka that features a lot more book ideas for guys.

Author and Illustrator Links

Did you know that we have links to 40 author and illustrator websites under our Books tab?  From George Ancona to Paul Zelinsky, you can find out more about your favorite authors and illustrators here.  Favorites include Jan and Stan Berenstain, Jan Brett, Eric Carle, J.K. Rowling and Shel Silverstein.  Explore an author you don’t know: perhaps Nic Bishop and his books on Spiders, Frogs or other photographic investigations of the natural world.