Great Gridiron Reads


It’s time to get out the shoulder pads, helmets and stadium blankets – but you don’t need to hit the field to enjoy some terrific books about football.  Here are some of the latest stories to hit the shelves in the Children’s Library.


 Coach Hyatt is a Riot! by Dan Gutman

A new football coach arrives at school and, with help from an unexpected new team member, the Moose win a game.

 The Fast and the Furriest by Andy Behrens

The overweight and unathletic son of a famous former football star discovers that his equally fat and lazy dog is unexpectedly–and obsessively–interested in competing in dog agility contests.

 Football Champ by Tim Green

Twelve-year-old Troy’s uncanny gift for predicting football plays proves a powerful secret weapon for the Atlanta Falcons, but a seedy reporter with a vendetta suspects something is going on and sets out to shred the reputations of Troy and star linebacker Seth Halloway.

 The Great Quarterback Switch by Matt Christopher

Twelve-year-old Michael, confined to a wheelchair after an accident, uses mental telepathy to communicate football plays to his quarterback twin brother Tom, then suddenly finds himself on the field in his brother’s place.

 Million-Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica

Eighth-grade star quarterback Nate Brodie’s family is feeling the stress of the troubled economy, and Nate is frantic because his best friend Abby is going blind, so when he gets a chance to win a million dollars if he can complete a pass during the halftime of a New England Patriot’s game, he is nearly overwhelmed by the pressure to succeed.

Touchdown Trouble by Fred Bowen

Sam is proud that his touchdown in the final play of a game left his football team undefeated, but when a videorecording of the game reveals that the touchdown was scored illegally, he and the other Cowboys must decide whether to reveal the truth. Includes facts about a similar situation faced by Cornell University’s team after a game with Dartmouth in 1940.


Hooray for Fly Guy!  by Tedd Arnold

  Fly Guy joins Buzz’s football team, despite Coach’s misgivings, and hits the field for a special, secret play.

 Touchdown!  Dear Dragon by Margaret Hillert

A boy and his pet dragon meet up with their friends and play football.


Just the facts?  You can score a touchdown with the large selection of information books about the game of football, as well as individual players, teams and conference available in the Children’s Library.  Here are just two of the newest nonfiction titles in the collection.

Football by the Numbers by Mary Elizabeth Salzmann

Numbers are used all the time in football.  A touchdown is 6 points.  A football is about 11 inches long.  An overtime period lasts 15 minutes.  It is 30 feet from the ground to the top of the goalposts.  A field goal is 3 points.  Learn more about how numbers are used in football.

Ultimate Guide to Football by James Buckley Jr.

Turn the pages for:

– A spread of amazing trivia about each professional team
– History of the early days of the game
– Pioneers in the sport
– Photographs of today’s stars and the legends of the game
– Comic illustrations
– High-interest stats, stars, and lists
– An appendix that gives a quick primer on the some of the least-known rules of the game


Sports Poetry Books

Sports Poetry Books

 While it’s no secret that the Children’s Library has an extensive collection of poetry for children, young sports fans may not realize that more than a few of those books feature poems about their favorite sports.  Here is a sampling:

Adoff, Arnold:

The Basket Counts!

Sports Pages

Fehler, Gene:

Change-Up:  Baseball Poems

Hopkins, Lee Bennett:

Extra Innings:  Baseball Poems

Opening Days:  Sport Poems

Sports!  Sports!  Sports!  A Poetry Collection

Janeczko, Paul:

That Sweet Diamond:  Baseball Poems

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Batter Up! Great Sports Websites for Kids

Batter Up!

With the Cleveland Indians 17th home opener at Progressive Field (yes, it’s been 17 years!) set for April 12, 2010, the Children’s Library has put together a list of baseball and other sports Web sites designed specifically for kids.  Some are just for fun.  Others – like Math Baseball – have an educational component.  The Children’s Library also has an extensive collection of books on baseball and many other sports, from skateboarding to karate.  So step on up to the plate and enjoy!

American Library Assocation’s Great Web Sites for Kids – Sports:

Major League Baseball for Kids:

Math Baseball:

National Basketball Association for Kids:

National Football League for Kids:

National Hockey League for Kids:

Sports Illustrated for Kids: