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Books for Boys
Provides downloadable lists of books that have special appeal for boys.
Books in Boxes
A wonderful resource brought to you by the Children’s Library. Books in Boxes ensures that everyone in your group or classroom has a copy of the book being read. Books in Boxes provides 35 copies of one book for use in your classroom, or reading group. Lists of titles are arranged by author, title, and subject. Reservations are required, please call the Children’s Library to reserve sets.
Big Books
Oversized picture books from pre-school through primary grades. Check out the database to see what classic children’s tales are available in giant sizes for your use!
Resources for Early Childhood Educators
The Early Childhood Resource Lab is housed in the Children’s Library at the Main Library of the Akron-Summit County Public Library system. The lab is open during all library hours unless the space is needed for a library program. The Lab houses equipment for use by early childhood educators (preschool—grade 3) to create learning materials and other items for their classrooms. Equipment includes Ellison die cut machines, laminating machines, a binding machine, and more. A library card and initial orientation on equipment use and registration are required. Call 330-643-9050 to schedule an orientation.
Kits for Kids
A unique resource provided by the Children’s Library. Kits for Kids are bags filled with a variety of books, activities, and more. This little bag of tricks is organized around a specific theme, with six books, activity sheets, CD’s or DVD’s, and pieces to play and learn with.
Picture Book Database
A special database developed by the Children’s Library that enables a subject search of children’s picturebooks available at the library. Author and title search is also available. A good resource for themed activities.
Family History for Kids and Teens
A resource developed by the Special Collections department that provides information on helping kids get started in geneology. Covers popular topics such as oral history, family cookbooks, journals, and scrapbooking.
Helping Children Deal with Grief
A downloadable resource developed by the Children’s Library. Provides suggested titles for parents and other adults to share with the grieving child as well as resources for caregivers.
Tumblebooks Database
Online access to hundreds of children’s ebooks-digitized or animated books, audiobooks, puzzles and games, and language learning books. Share new children’s books wherever you have internet access, play games, and listen to favorite books. Parents and educators have access to a wide array of educational resources and activities.
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