Make a Splash: Read some poetry about water

Cyrus, Kurt
In twenty-one poems a lone sardine goes off in search of its lost school within the dark halls of a great coral reef.  The oversize format is highlighted by brightly colored illustrations.
Graham, Joan
Twenty-one short poems celebrate water in its forms from ice cubes to waves and are highlighted by colorful illustrations.
Harrison, David L.
Forty-five humorous poems follow a family as they pack the car and head to the shore.  Black and white sketches highlight each poem.
Twenty-six poems by a wide range of poets celebrate the diversity of life in the sea.  Color illustrations highlight each poem.
Singer, Marilyn
Eleven poems that provide a look at some of the animals, insects, and plants found in ponds are highlighted by hand-colored woodcuts.

Sports Poetry Books

Sports Poetry Books

 While it’s no secret that the Children’s Library has an extensive collection of poetry for children, young sports fans may not realize that more than a few of those books feature poems about their favorite sports.  Here is a sampling:

Adoff, Arnold:

The Basket Counts!

Sports Pages

Fehler, Gene:

Change-Up:  Baseball Poems

Hopkins, Lee Bennett:

Extra Innings:  Baseball Poems

Opening Days:  Sport Poems

Sports!  Sports!  Sports!  A Poetry Collection

Janeczko, Paul:

That Sweet Diamond:  Baseball Poems

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