“Ology” Books


Do you love those Dragonology books and the ones that look like scrapbooks with letters that come out of the pockets, etc?  Then this is the list for you:

Dr. Ernest Drake’s Dragonology : the complete book of dragons                                

JNF 398.2454 D761d  

Dr. Ernest Drake’s Dragonology handbook : a practical course in dragons                               

JNF 398.469 D761dd  

Drake’s comprehensive compendium of dragonology                                                    

JNF 398.2454 D761dr  

Dr. Ernest Drake’s Monsterology : the complete book of monstrous beasts, illustrated.    

JNF 398.45 D761d  

Dr. Ernest Drake’s monsterology handbook : a practical course in monsters         

 JNF 398.2454 D761d  

Oceanology : the true account of the voyage of the Nautilus by Zoticus de Lesseps, 1863  

J FIC  Hawkins

Wizardology : a guide to wizards of the world / as told by Master Merlin                               

JNF 133.43 St814wg 

The wizardology handbook : a course for apprentices                                                    

JNF 133.43 St814w  

Wizardology : the book of the secrets of Merlin                                                                

JNF 398.21 St814w  

Pirateology : the sea journal of Captain William Lubber, pirate hunter general    

JNF 910.45 St814p  

Egyptology : search for the tomb of Osiris, being the journal of Miss Emily Sands              

JNF 932 St814e  

Fairyopolis : a flower fairies journal.                                                                                       

JNF 133.14 F172 

Return to Fairyopolis                                                                                                                     

JNF 398.21 R439  

Mythology : the gods, heroes, and monsters of ancient Greece                               

 JNF 292.13 Ev926m  

Spyology : the complete book of spycraft                                                                            

 JNF 327.12 B636s

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