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Sports Poetry Books

Sports Poetry Books

 While it’s no secret that the Children’s Library has an extensive collection of poetry for children, young sports fans may not realize that more than a few of those books feature poems about their favorite sports.  Here is a sampling:

Adoff, Arnold:

The Basket Counts!

Sports Pages

Fehler, Gene:

Change-Up:  Baseball Poems

Hopkins, Lee Bennett:

Extra Innings:  Baseball Poems

Opening Days:  Sport Poems

Sports!  Sports!  Sports!  A Poetry Collection

Janeczko, Paul:

That Sweet Diamond:  Baseball Poems

Knudsen, R.R.:

American Sports Poems

Korman, Gordon:

 The Last-Place Poems of Jeremy Bloom:  A Collection of Poems about Winning, Losing and Being a Good Sport (Sometimes)

Low, Alice:

The Fastest Game on Two Feet – and Other Poems about How Sports Began

Maddox, Marjorie

Rules of the Game:  Baseball Poems

Mathis, Sharon Bell

Red Dog, Blue Fly:  Football Poems

Morrison, Lillian:

Slam Dunk:  Basketball Poems

Way to Go!  Sports Poems

Prelutsky, Jack:

Good Sports:  Rhymes about Running, Jumping, Throwing and More

Thayer, Ernest Lawrence (various versions illustrated by different artists)

 Casey at the Bat

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